My name is Jordan, and I like to talk about my feelings.

If you’ve ever met me or anyone like me for that matter, you know just what I mean when I say that I like to talk about my feelings. In fact if you know someone like me well enough to suffer through conversation on a bi-weekly basis, or at least receive an occasional mass text then you might possibly have some sort of grasp on just how much I like to talk about my feelings. I like to talk about my feelings so much that I sometimes pretend that the pictures on my walls spring to life harry potter style and ask me how I feel about inflation and the demoralization of American culture. Not really, but seriously I do.  So that my friends is why my blog is called “” It also didn’t hurt that “,, and” were all taken.

This is me.
This is me.

So now as a reader I’m sure you’re probably thinking “what the eff! I’ve already read a paragraph and I haven’t learned anything yet, i thought blogs were supposed to informative.” So  just so we’re all on the same page, I decided to make a list of all the things that I WILL do, and all the things I WON’T do. 

I WILL most certainly….

  • consistently update with sarcastic and witty insights into life, love, and cultural phenomena.  
  • ramble
  • be extremely biased 
  • poop (most times I won’t write about it) 
  • be myself
  • have fun 

However, I most certainly WON’T….

  • hold back (this is my blog, therefore my outlet. If you like it great, if not then I’m not really sorry) 
  • pretend to be an expert on everything I’ll discuss (if you think I am, then go ahead and reevaluate that) 
  • post blogs about how Crest is the best kind of toothpaste (unless I discover that to be true) 
  • overuse parenthesis (oh wait…) 

So there it is, my goal is to offer my insight on any and all matters that come to my attention. I really do hope that you read this and you enjoy it. Just to give you a taste here a couple of the topics I forsee myself writing on…

  1. how Starbucks is unstoppable
  2. how climbing changes peoples lives
  3. what guys really mean when they say dumb stuff to girls
  4. what girls really mean when the say dumb stuff to guys 
  5. how to survive on a strict college budget (that is, if I figure out how) 
  6. cooking tips 
  7. the ignorance of Americans as a society and how we’re ruining the world
  8. conspiracy theories (got any?) 
  9. why every kid in America should go to summer camp at least once
  10. etcetera (looks weird, because no one ever spells it out)

So please read my blog and please leave me comments and please eat more chocolate and please listen to more coldplay.

thank you. 


5 responses to “My name is Jordan, and I like to talk about my feelings.

  1. Jordan,

    I love it already! I can appreciate your desire to be authentic and open and not hold anything back. I love the topics you’ve posted and can’t wait to start reading! 🙂

  2. i only voted “you’re a terrible human being” because i am disappointed in the lack of creed references in this blog.

  3. Crest is absolutely the worst toothpaste on the market. Period. I will subscribe to your blog simply because we agree on that. And that Starbucks is truly unstoppable.


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