Poetry Post! (mixing things up!)

“Poetry is just the evidence of life.  If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” ~Leonard Cohen

Poetry Post! (mixing things up!)

Ok so for those of you who don’t know, poetry is my heart and soul. The reason that I enjoy writing at all is because of poetry. I think that in my life I’ve written more poems than movies I’ve seen. That said, I had a friend ask me a few days ago why I didn’t put poetry on my blog. I explained the focus of my blog and how it didn’t really fit the formula but she insisted that she wanted to read some of my poetry online. So I decided to give it a shot and see what the world thinks. Don’t worry loyal followers, I am NOT about to change my blog to a strictly poetic format, but I thought this might be a fun little experiment. I also decided to put up some old pictures I took and edited back when I was obsessed with ridiculous levels of contrast. So read these and tell me what you think. PLEASE vote on the poll at the end.

I started to write a new post a few days ago and at the end of it I realized that it made a much better poem.

Surely I am no saint

While I sit and count the ways that life could be made more comfortable, he stands in the cold holding his only means of sight by the collar.

While I piss and moan about how my day was uneventful, he struggles to find a way to cross a busy road.

While I look past the beautiful sunset that lingers above his head, he sees nothing.

While I say bringing the kingdom of heaven is my goal, he wonders why no one prays.

While I claim to believe, I drive away.

Surely I am no saint.

Jordan White Photography

Poem #2 is another recent one which I wrote today.

To be Infinite

To be infinite is to find a dark corridor in time and race through without any note of doors that approach on the right or left.

It is to run and to hide holding youth by the throat.

It is to neither cry nor laugh nor smile nor wink for each will bring with it age.

Mortality then, is much more of a beautiful existence.

Now for some slam. I have a minor reputation for being a slam poet and so it’s only fair that I put a piece on my blog. It should be noted however, that slam poetry is performance based so it won’t always translate as well when read.

Explain Love

These girls, they break my heart

And tear it down to bite-size parts

And then proceed to chew like it was fresh apple pie that was steaming as they snatched it from grandma’s window



Therefore I am, therefore here for to remain

Slightly estranged

By the way things have changed

Jordan White Photography

No emotion is plain

No one’s to blame

But i…. Believe

Therefore I’m confused

Because if it was all by chance I could chase girls like Johnny bravo

My pants would fit loosely, the girls wouldn’t look through me

I’d be that guy at the party holding her beer

I’d be every boyfriend’s biggest fear

I’d be the playanist’ playa ever to play the game

I’d be….

Exactly the same

Maybe God had the foresight not to give this brother game

Maybe he looked at me and say… Jordan, your heart’s too shaky

You only need one girl to call baby

And maybe I looked back and said, “can I call her it twice?”

And he maybe he said…

“say it as many times as you like!

But to find her, find me, find us,  you’ll see

That it’s not a matter of finding or lost

It’s a matter of letting go of the lines you’ve drawn in the sand

To suggest decision

I am omega, you are confusion.

Your illusion is the paradigm by which you confine

Matters that don’t fall into a human’s frame of mind

Explain love.

Grasp eternity.”

“Where are the men?”

said my friend

and if they’re here, why are they hiding?

Why will they not rush to the rescue of the damsels who are so loudly calling?

And I laugh, (cuz that’s what we do.)

And think quite simply, “oh, how we are so very, very fickle”

Today they want a man who will fix the kitchen sink and break a sweat while pumping iron

A man whose arms are heavy and his back never grows tired

This man they believe will hold the walls

Jordan White Photography

And make sure none of their pictures fall

But tomorrow!

His strength will be too much

His solitude beyond her touch

And therein is the essence of…

But let’s not forget the Y’s and how they can screw some stuff up

I want a 5’2’’ rock climbing, apple-pie making, flip flop wearing, looks good in anything, hard ass, submissive, tall, short, skinny, curvy, loud, soft-spoken, intelligent, humble…

I am not suggesting that our standards are unobtainable.

I am rather implying that our…

Comic book like

Black and white

Barbie and ken might just need to drop a few more pounds to fit inside our ideal

Freud says I am a beast burning on the inside

To screw anything that comes within my range of sight

That my battle is to control my erection

Not to control my direction

And I would blame MTV, but MTV might as well blame me

I’m tired of cowering in fear of my own shortcomings

I would rip apart my skin if they were engraved beneath so you could see me.

Where are the men?

All around you.

All these poems were written by Jordan Paul White

“The poem is the point at which our strength gave out.” ~Richard Rosen


14 responses to “Poetry Post! (mixing things up!)

  1. riiight. nice. stumbled here from a tag search because i am a lover of the word, written or spoken. you got recordings of your stuff? might help the reading jump off the page… (i know– it requires work… recording… embedding… sheesh). if you ever wanna read for inspiration… i’m keeping a regular blog of various poets’ stuff— written and spoken. http://poetstree.wordpress.com

    keep up the writiiiiing. :)!

    • Yeah I do have some recordings, that’s a great idea to post them on here. I had never even thought of that. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog. Thanks for stumbling across me. I’m assuming you searched “string cheese” and that’s how you found my blog.

  2. dudeness, these are all excellent, but the last one is especially great. i guess it kinda helped that i could pretty much exactly picture how you would perform it, but still. kudos.

    • thanks breh, that’s definitely an advantage that you have because you’ve seen me perform so many times.

  3. really dug the first two. really dug ’em. didn’t make it all the way through the slam. it was a lot of words, and winter x games stole my attention.

  4. I agree with corey. I could see you saying the last one. I could hear every little emphasis you put on words. It was a little bit silly.

    But, I love them all. Love them.

    Especially reading about your erections.

    Ha. Only a joke for those of you who don’t understand my humor.

  5. i’ve always wished i could write poetry. i just can’t. so i def can recognize and respect when someone has got some talent. really liked the last one!

    • Thanks Chelsea. It’s really easy to start writing poetry but really hard to share it. The cool thing about poetry though is that it’s totally subjective.

  6. Man, just ask Ian about my reaction to your blog so far…especially this one (for obvious reason)
    I laughed and “aw”-ed and “mmmh”-ed the whole time…in love with you.


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