The Origin of Creed Jokes (it’s time you knew)

Ok so here it is, the long anticipated Creed joke explanation blog has finally forced its way from the innards of my soul and out to public view. I must admit that i have some reservations about posting about such an intimate topic to my heart, but I guess you deserve to know the truth.


Exhibit A

Growing up with your dad managing bands in the Christian music industry, you don’t really listen to much Nirvana– or for that matter anything other than Christian music. To be honest, my parents never told me I couldn’t listen to secular music, I just always listened to what was around in the cabinets which was usually the latest Newsboys or DC Talk cd. That was all well and good while I was younger, but eventually I got to the point in middle school where I wanted to know who my friends were talking about when they said names like Jack White and Brandon Boyd. So I very slowly, started listening to secular music. Enter Creed.

Back in the days when it was semi (emphasis on the semi) socially acceptable to listen to Creed, I got really, and I mean really into the band Creed. My sensitive ears weren’t really ready for anything too intense, making Scott Stapp’s pseudo Christian lyrics a pretty smooth transitional platform into the good stuff.

So I started with Weathered which is actually the band’s second cd. Every day after school I would go home and do my algebra homework sitting on the beanbag in my room while  (you guessed it) listening to Creed. I also spent countless afternoons watching Creed music videos on Yahoo Launch video player. That’s when I discovered the worst video of all time. Trust me, that looked terrible even in 2009. I may or may not have invited my friend Christian over to my house and spent the entire time watching the With Arms Wide Open video on repeat. Yeah, I was that guy.

I’m pretty sure I still have just about all of their songs memorized. At the time, I really only had two friends who even admitted to liking the musical melodies of Phillips, Tremonti, and Stapp–meaning we talked about Creed together a lot. For that, and the fact that most of my friends made fun of the beautiful guttery vocals which made the band so good, I got made fun of for my love of Creed a good bit. Thank goodness I had Christian and Audrey to back me up. They were my only two creedies. After all, who else was I going to make jealous of the fact that I got to see Creed live in concert with my dad! Believe me when I say there were flames, literal flames.


Exhibit B

So why the jokes? 

Well after I grew out of Creed and into emo music (which I now see as just as ridiculous), Creed kind of became the longest running joke in my group of friends. I’ve basically had the same group of friends since the sixth grade so it’s no wonder that jokes kind of hang around for, well… ever.

But the weird thing about it is that Creed was so ridiculous and so widely disliked that they made their way deep, deep into the sarcastic trenches of our friend lingo. For instance, the joke went from being “yeah dude, I’m going to go see Creed this weekend, haha just kidding they suck!” to “I’m going to go see Creed this weekend because my soul needs cleansing”

I hope that makes it a little bit more clear. The Scott Stapp/Creed jokes have just gotten so stuck in our heads that they’ve now passed the point of sarcasm and have become an integral part of who I am and who my friends are as people. The joke has been so over used that it’s not even a joke anymore.

Sidenote: It was the highlight of my blogging career that this blog was once the second highest google image search for Creed

So what kind of over-used-so-much-that-it’s-really-not-funny-but-you-still-say-it-anyways kind of jokes do you have? 


As if I even needed an Exhibit c


2 responses to “The Origin of Creed Jokes (it’s time you knew)

  1. oh man… that bullets video. thank you for reminding me about the greatest video ever made. it’s been far too long since i have cleansed my soul with the smooth sounds of scott stapp.


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