An Idea for Everyone

Fair warning, these feelings a bit raw. Read till the end if you want the good stuff.

I am very, very frustrated with the current state of United States politics–but maybe not for the reasons you’re expecting. As a middle class Christian from an upper middle class society, I’ve spent the better part of my life sheltered by an environment of homogenous civil tranquility. I didn’t even realize that there was a great faction of Americans who weren’t Christians or for that matter Republicans. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve encountered these strange beings and come to the shocking realization that they are in fact, human!

Sarcasm aside, this is a real issue which requires real attention. And I’m real serious.

I realized today that what I’m most frustrated with is the lack of civil discourse in the political realm. Everyone is against everyone else because they’re not the home team. Democrats hate Republicans because to them, Republicans are a bunch of bible thrashing conservative war mongers. Republicans hate Democrats because they view them as snotty liberals intent to rely completely on governmental help and run the economy into the ground. But here’s the thing–I don’t believe in Republicans or Democrats. I believe in people, and I don’t think I’m alone.

I could be wrong here, and I don’t intend to be anything more than casually educated on the Occupy Wallstreet Movement. But I’m starting to think that these young rebellions of anti-bi partisan behavior are really just youthful outcries at their discontent with a totally bi polar political system. Why do I have to choose between a small government and a huge one? Why am I forsaking my Christianity to believe that a Democratic President is a better political candidate. Call me naive, but I refuse to tow the line of the Republican party just because I’m a Christian from the south! And I also refuse to believe in the evilness of any particular candidate based on their political policies.

Also, my real and most sincere discontent is with the current state of political media and the way it’s impacting politics. Everyone has a bias, everyone has an opinion so why in the world are we so intent on suggesting that news sources don’t? Fox News’ Tagline is “Fair and Balanced”

There is no longer (if there ever was to begin with I don’ t know) a media outlet which can make that claim. Heck, there’s not a person on earth who can make that claim. Why does it matter so much to me that Fox has this as their tagline? Because it’s everywhere on their media. It’s the first lie.

So here’s my idea:

I want to create a Political Issues blog with a humanistic, conversational approach.

Meaning I want to create a place where people like me, who want to know about both parties and are not bound to either, can go to find information. One of my professors told me today that there are no news sources where one can go to find both sides of a story. So I figure, why not make one?

I’ll use mainly articles from other news sources with a section of personal editorials. I’m thinking I’ll have 4 main sections: Republican news, Independent News, Democratic News, and personal commentary. And instead of pretending that I as a compiler of data could ever be unbiased, I’ll just put all my bias out there. Maybe I’ll even require myself (and anyone who decides to potentially help me) to write bio in which we state the majority of our political views.

Please remember these are all rough ideas born out of frustration, but maybe I’m on to something here. If you want to see the primary video that inspired me sparking to action, watch this.

I’m also thinking of not allowing anonymous comments–creating a political website with a code of ethics such as that hateful or attacking commentary will be removed. I am an idealistic college student, but I believe so firmly in the power of conversation that I think that a place can exist for people to talk (which requires listening) very openly about issues.

My idea is NOT to create an unbiased news source. Because I don’t believe in anything that claims to be unbiased. But rather to bring the bias out front. To highlight the stories and where the people who are write them are coming from. Maybe if we bring perspective into all this mess, we will find some small bits of truth.
If helping me with this project sounds appealing to you, or if you just would like to see such a blog exist, please comment below. It sounds silly, but I would not be able to do this alone and your commenting could potentially encourage me that this is an endeavor worth pursuing. Thank you for reading, it means the world to me.


3 responses to “An Idea for Everyone

  1. This is a great idea! I’m in. I will read, contribute, write, moderate, whatever you need me to do. And when we’re done with the blog I say we start another political party that is tired of constant noise about who is wrong and start focusing on what we need to do right, together. Not sure if that will ever happen, but hey… It’s just an idea. I’m with you on this dude. Let me know how I can help.


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