Writer for Hire (Elance baby!)

One of the greatest hurdles for a writing major to jump is the inevitable sinking feeling they feel as they approach that last semester of academic study. Writers are not unique in this dread, but it’s my belief that they are highly unique in the options presented them. All my life I’ve been the sort of person who’s believed that I can do just about anything I want–but sometimes that freedom is more of a weight than a release.

In May of next year I will be graduating college and I am currently wearing out my keyboard writing, revising, rewriting, revising, and writing resumes and job applications galore. I’ve hit the job search with all the ferocity of a loan laden 6th year senior while applying for anything with the words “salary” and “benefits.” I know I’m not alone, but unlike many in my situation–I refuse to go easily into hourly employment. I’ve already paid my dues waiting tables, serving concessions, selling clothes, making sandwiches, and upselling. I’m a big boy now and it’s time for a big boy job.

All that to say, this week I found a really interesting (read: could be awesome, could be a sham) website called Elance. Elance is essentially an electronic free lance platform. It’s a very intuitive, well developed place where suppliers list their needs for digital free lance jobs (in my case writing) and guys like me pick up the jobs and do the work. I’m still pretty skeptical, but yesterday I completed my first job.

A supplier posted that they needed someone to write one page of instructional creative copy for their web page and I obliged with a bid of $30. I got the job and the supplier was very pleased with my work. So that all got me thinking–maybe, just maybe there’s more to this whole job search than I had initially perceived and maybe, just maybe I need to be a bit more creative in my pursuit of gainful employment.

I do a few things very well. I write, I communicate, and I teach. So this is both an incentive for your personal life and a sales pitch for mine. There are jobs out there, we just have to find them. And if there’s not a job then we, the digital can do generation, need to make one.

Happy Hunting!

If you want to check out my Elance profile, check it here



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