Our Engagement Story

I’ve been dying to write about this for months and now i finally can! This past Wednesday (day before thanksgiving), I asked the girl of my dreams to marry me and for some reason or another she said yes. Here’s how it all went down:

The Ring

About 3 months ago, I started looking at engagement rings. It took me about a month before I found one I thought was perfect, then it took me another month to restart my search after realizing that most rings can’t be sized down small enough for Britt’s tiny fingers (she wears a size 3.75…yeah). On October 3rd I thought I had found the ring. I spent the morning talking to a sales rep at Marks & Morgan Jewelers at the Hamilton Place mall and had almost decided on a ring but decided to take a few days to think about it. After a quick lunch in the food court (where I may or may not have showed the ring catalogue to the entire Chick-fil-a staff), I decided on a whim to check out Zales. I went back to Zales two days later to buy Britt’s ring which would eventually be sent all the way to Massachusetts in order to be sized down by an expert jeweler.

The Video

On March 21st, I started making Britt a video. To be honest, I don’t think that we had expressed the fact that we loved each other and were thinking about marriage yet, but I obviously knew it was coming. Every day Most days, I added a few seconds to the video where I told Britt that I loved her in a different way. That lasted until the summer when my computer crashed and was out of commission for about six months. But thanks to the hard work of my buddy Zach Hall, my computer was restored and so to the video. In order to compensate for the time lost, I put a slide show in the middle of the video with the highlights of the missed time. You can see the video at the end of the post.

The Plan (and all the surprises!)

  • Step 1: Britt and all her friends go out for a ‘girls night’ where she gets showed my video and surprised/proposed to by her amazingly attractive boyfriend (that’s me). This was tricky because Brittany is usually the one who invites all of her friends out to social events. Seeing as they were all only in town for the week, it was pretty easy to coordinate with all of the girls to be available for that Wednesday night. Then we just waited for Brittany to call everyone and plan the hangout. In essence, I set up my girlfriend to plan her own engagement. I know, I’m good.
  • Step 2: Brittany’s friends took her to an overlook at Opryland Hotel (my favorite place in the world), where we went for our first date. Once they rode the glass elevator that Brittany said they shouldn’t bother waiting for and got to the view she said was “not worth it,” Emily pulled out her ipad and Britt watched my video. Erika and I were hiding around the corner waiting for the group to show up when a remote control car came screaming out of one of the hotel rooms. We quickly showed them the ring and signalled to stay quiet and the family laughed and left quietly.
  • Step 3: I stepped out from behind a column and proposed.
  • Step 4: I drove Brittany back to her house where she was surprised by all of her friends and family. A great time was had by all.
  • Step 5: The rest of Thanksgiving break was wonderful. We ate with our families, told this story to just about everyone we met, and didn’t do nearly enough homework.

The Future

So now I’ve got a fiance and we get to officially start the process of wedding planning and more importantly–life planning. There is so much up in the air this point, that the only real solid thing I know is that this is the girl I want to marry. Britt is in school to become a School Psychologist and I’m a May graduate of a creative writing/non profit program. For now we’re trusting in God to open the right doors and shut the wrong ones while we work our butts off trying to figure out what our future together looks like. Don’t hold your breath too hard for a date because it may be a month or two before we have one. The wedding is important, but making sure that our future is secure past that fun day is way more important right now. Hopefully I’ll have a video montage of the whole process put together by the end of the week, so check back for that. For now I appreciate all of the help/support of our family and friends and I can’t wait to write more about this process.

Thanks to everyone involved. Here’s to the future!


2 responses to “Our Engagement Story

  1. That is so awesome Jordan! I’m glad I could fix your computer so you could get back to making the video. Congratulations on the engagement and I’m looking forward to a wedding invitation!


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