Cereusly Bright Inspiration

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Tyler Anthony perform with his band Cereus Bright in Chattanooga. I thought that I was going to attend a rather routine acoustic re hashing of pseudo spiritual breakup songs whilst sipping on some seriously good coffee at Camp House. I was very wrong.

What Tyler and his band mates provided is something that I will struggle to explain for the rest of this post, but can most accurately be called “inspiration”

Cereus Bright is a combination of Tyler, Calvin, and two other bandmates whose names I honestly don’t know (sorry guys). Their music holds closely to some major trends in song writing and performance right now and I would say that a comparison to Mumford and Sons would be relatively accurate. Their floor thumping melodies begged for a bigger venue with willing dancers–but their acoustic guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, and drums would not be restrained. Now I’m no music reviewer and I have to admit partiality when it comes to this genre. Avett brothers are probably my favorite band with close follow ups like Mumford and Lumineers. That said, Cereus Bright’s music was phenomenal–but that’s not the point.

What Tyler and the guys provided for us on Saturday was something I didn’t know I was missing. That something, as the title suggests, was inspiration. I suppose I’ve always known myself to be the creative type to a certain extent, but I also consider myself to be largely business minded and goal oriented. For the longest time I’ve thought of these personality traits as mutually exclusive in a world where productivity and budget restraints are supreme. You can either be business minded or creative–or at least that was my thought.

But something in the honesty of Cereus Bright’s songs really shook me. I thought about high school when I used to perform slam poetry before my friends’ shows at local coffee shops or the school talent show. I thought about acting and how much I loved being on stage. The desire to be seen and understood is universal among artists, but the ability to step back and see the bigger picture is much more difficult to come by. The idea of group importance is huge in what I do and I don’t think I realized until Saturday just how much I’ve ignored my creative side. This feels a bit narcisstic based on the number of times I’ve used the pronoun “I” but bare with me as I wrap it up.

In the song “Goldmine” Tyler sang the words, “I’m gonna start a fire just to be reminded of the warmth we knew”

And I was like, dang… that’s a good line.

So I went home with the EP and have yet to stop playing it on repeat in my car (it is that good). I went home thinking about the days when I used to write lines that made people say, “dang… that’s a good line.” I went home and decided that instead of trying to convince the ‘real world’ that I could be businessy enough for them, that I should instead be honest about my strengths and embrace creativity as a part of who I am and what I can offer. I went home and realized I want to create.


So today I took a step inside Create Here which a local business focused on putting creative people together in Chattanooga to make wonderful businesses. I had a really good chat with an employee and I hope that chat leads me to more blog posts. But for now, that’s all I got.

What inspires you and more importantly, which parts of yourself are just dying to be set free? Time to get inspired. 

Side Note: I scrapped the formal heading and went with a picture of me in my element on my new professional snapshot. Check it out here. 




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