I’ve Been Shoveling Coal and I’ve Got People to Thank

Ok maybe not in the literal sense, but I’ve been shoveling the coal of life into the train engine of growing up for the past year and this week was the first time I looked up and things looked way different than they did when I started.

It’s interesting because I feel like I have been working so hard for the past year on getting my “post college life” together that I haven’t even really been paying attention to the fact that I’m about to finish school, move to a new city, start working, and marry the girl of my dreams.

Many of you have probably wondered if I was ever going to get married or graduate college considering I’ve been in school for six years and engaged for 5 months without a date. Well I’m happy to say that Britt and I have decided on a venue and are (EXTREMELY) close to setting a date. I’ve also been offered a full time summer position at an ad agency in nashville and barring any last minute opportunities popping up, I’m planning on taking it. So now I’m in the process of finding an apartment in Nashville, planning a wedding, and moving on. All of a sudden everything went from barely moving to flying past me at the speed of sound.

But that also means that I’m about to finish a long, long season here in Chattanooga and I’ve got some people to thank for my personal growth along the way.

I have the best roommates in the whole world. I moved in four years ago because Joseph told Gabe that he wasn’t going to move in unless I could come too–so I did. The past four years have been the messiest, loudest, most fun times I’ve ever experienced. Even though I’m the only one still in school, most of us have stayed together in the house and that season seems to be coming to an end, at least for me.

I kind of feel like an old man for saying this, but I’m a nostalgic guy and it is kind of strange to all of a sudden realize that the thing you were rushing towards is finally here and the stuff you were rushing out of is about to be gone.

But I would also be an idiot not to thank my wonderful parents and fantastic fiance. When Brittany and I started dating I had no clue what I wanted to do or how I was going to do it. I knew that I loved her and wanted to get married and she’s been so patient as each week I’ve called her with a different career path and part of the country we should move to.

I guess now It’s safe to tell everyone that we will be in Nashville at least for a year and who knows after that.

I’m nostalgic because I’ve had amazing times in Chattanooga/Cleveland, but I’m not going to fight the real world–I’m totally ready for it. Nashville wasn’t my first choice–not a lot of rock climbing or kayaking there. But there are so many people I love in the city and the most important thing is that there’s a particular 5’0″ blonde girl there who I happen to be pretty fond of.

So anyways, if you’re graduating like me or just moving on or in the middle of some big thing, (and I sure hope you are) maybe take a bit of time today to take a break from shoveling coal, look at the window and enjoy the view.


Best Roommates Ever (Byron came later)

Best Roommates Ever (Byron came later)



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